Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make Biodiesel – Beat the Great Petrol Rip-Off.

If you needed any more convincing when it comes to whether or not you should start making biodiesel at home then here it is – the latest prices that people are paying around the world for petrol:

United Kingdom £3.76/gallon
Norway £3.41/gallon
Italy £3.10/gallon
Japan £2.70/gallon
Brazil £2.20/gallon
Australia £1.70/gallon
USA £1.35/gallon
Mexico £1.30/gallon
Saudi 49p/gallon!
Kuwait 40p/gallon!
Venezuela 8p/gallon !

And for those of you in the first 7 countries, guess what ? Most of what you are paying is tax to the government!

So don’t just sit there use one of the links of this blog and start making your own fuel TODAY. You will never look back and your bank balance will remind you of the wisdom of your actions.

N.B. It is unlikely in the extreme that these prices will do anything other than continue to go up…………..

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