Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fuel Prices Set to Rocket - Start Making your Own Fuel!

Looking at the news I'm afraid its all bad as far as fuel prices go.

The USA has not allowed the drilling and pumping to start again single the disaster in the bay and cancelled 70+ exploratory drilling operations on land.

That can only result in less tax income for the government and less capacity at the pump - even Saudi Arabia cannot increase output enough to cover the deficit.

That all adds up to a price hike for joe average. Want my prediction? I predict that prices in the USA will hit $7 a gallon early this year. The UK is already there and they need to brace themselves for at least a 10% non tax based rise this year just because of the fall in supply.

2011 will see the highest prices for fuel in living memory. Don't wait any longer, go out invest in the equipment and start making your own biodiesel at home this month. With these price hikes the return on investment can be measured in months - and that means more money in your pockets for the things you love.