Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Biodiesel - The King of Beers?

Or I could have said "biodiesel - refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach" for the benefit of readers in Europe!

A great story coming out of the UK from one of their largest brewers with over 2000 bar / restaurants accross the country.

The brewer is Weatherspoons and they are the first retailer in the UK to reccyle their own cooking oil into biodiesel to power their delivery vehicles.

To undertake the project Weatherspoon has partnered with DHL Excel Supply Chain and biodiesel energy company Argent.

Commercial Director Paul Harbottle said, "..it is important that we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We are pleased to have introduced the first vehicle powered on biodiesel, and our aim is to convert more of the vehicles to biodiesel in the near future."

Great work Weatherspoons - lets hope that more companies accross the globe pick this up and adopt the strategy, the impact on carbon footprints, pollution and fossil fuel dependancy will be huge.

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