Saturday, February 26, 2011

UK Government Pushes Fuel Prices Sky High

If ever you needed a financial incentive to make biodiesel at home then the government can certainly be credited with making it more and more cost effective.

Bear in mind we are in the hight of an international recession and the UK government having already demonstrated its total inability to manage the economy has compounded this by demonstrating its out and out greed.

The last time I benchmarked the fuel price in the UK it was £1.11 per litre - of that 65% went to the government 56.2p in fuel duty and 16.7p in vat. Of course since then both fuel duty and vat have both been..........(unbelievably) INCREASED!

If you are sick of being robbed blind by these useless, unaccountable amateurs then I strongly suggest that you invest in a small biodiesel processor, switch to a diesel car and start making your own fuel because as far as I can see the price is only going to keep on going up at the pump.

You'll here all sorts of excuses coming from the muppets that "run" the country, it will no doubt include "responsible cuts and spending", "reducing the nations debt" and of course "the environment, carbon emissions" . All the usual hogwash to cover up the fact that they were reckless for 12 years of bad government and now need to squeeze every penny they can out of the population.

Making biodiesel might be about being green for some of you. For me its about being in control of my hard earned cash instead of having the governments hands in my pockets at every possible moment.

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