Friday, August 22, 2008

Making Biodiesel Isn't Boring if you Have a Diesel Motorbike

Despite vast improvements in diesel engines over the years I still here people saying that they wouldn't have a diesel because they are so boring (i.e. slow and low performance) to drive.

Of course I have to take exception to that (a) because these days it simply isn't true and (b) of course I want people and society to reap the benefits of making biodiesel at home.

So I was delighted when quite by accident I discovered a whole new world of diesel motoring in the form of diesel motorcycles - yes you read that right, motorcycles with diesel engines. I quickly found dozens of suppliers of these fine machines :

This is the Sommer, but Diesel Bikes lists dozens of suppliers of diesel bikes of every shape and size your heart could desire.

And yes of course these bikes will run on biodiesel blends as high as 80%. Typically the bikes run Yanmar diesels displacing just over 400cc which means a power output of around 8kw or upto 15 bhp although some 1 litre examples are available and options such as inter-cooled turbochargers add even more fund to the mix.

If you make your own biodiesel then you'll find your $1 a gallon home-made fuel goes a very long way indeed with bikes demonstrating well over 100mpg! The Somer above delivers 117mpg on average along with classic looks that will leave most weak at the knees.

OK on a standard bike you may not ever win a MotoGP or even come close but then again with the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and 117+ miles to the gallon under your right hand - do you really care?

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