Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Making Biodiesel is Better & Cheaper than Using the Train

So I'm in the UK for a while as most of you know - and why not, it's one country where the government sure does like to tax the hell out of the automobile owner and especially their fuel.

Heck did you know that in the UK a US Gallon of Gas would cost $3.41 for the gas itself, plus $4.92 in government "fuel duty" (a tax), PLUS 17.5% sales tax on top!! What's that, about $10 a US gallon?!

Oh and that's just Gas by the way, Diesel is nearly 20% more expensive!!!!!

Anyhoo, I digress from my origonal story. I'm also a motorbike nut (and with the cost of gas in the UK you need to be......ok ok I know enough already) so I've been scouting around for a particular British bike I want, a Triumph.

I was lucky enough to find one, but at the other end of the country about 180 miles away according to my UK mapping software. So I jumped in the car which as it happens was empty, as an experiment I went to the local gas station and filled up. The total cost of the diesel was $150 or there abouts.

Driving the 180 miles (pretty fast I'll admit) used less than half a tank. I bought the bike ( a real piece of sex on two wheels I might add) and rode it home.

So the next day of course I have to take the train to collect the car. The cost of the simple, cheapest, 1 way ticket for the journey? Can you believe this? $125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then of course I have to shell out $10 in cab fare from the station, so $130 in all for the same journey using public transportation. That's damn nearly $1 a mile.

Now the simple fact is WORST case scenario I can make my own biodiesel for $3 a US Gallon and BEST case I can get it down to just $1. My car will hold 10 UK Gallons thats 8.3 US Gallons, so a full tank of home made fuel will cost me between $8 and $25 and take me 440 miles.

Now I know I end most of my posts with the same childish rant these days but it's only because I want to save you guys from yourselves - BUY a biodiesel guide, MAKE a simple processor using a tea urn like I showed you last time - START MAKING BIODIESEL AT HOME.

Till next time.

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