Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Join the Biodiesel Revolution...

With the price at the pump rising by nearly a penny a week now is the time for ordinary people to join the biodiesel revolution - and I don't mean buying the stuff!
For just $200 in second hand parts and with no assembly required (so no mechanical skill needed....) you can put together a simple but effective biodiesel processor that you can operate from home making 30-40 litres of clean cheap fuel at a time.
I took a look at the VW Bluemotion2 this week. Ok I know it's not many peoples idea of a hot auto BUT....it looks good, it sounds good, it drives really nicely, and best of all - it gives a genuine 70 miles to the gallon of diesel. I'm guessing based on past experience that that will equate to between 65 and 75 miles to the allon of biodiesel.
So.....if you put together my little biodiesel processor (I can say build or assemble even because there is none of that to do) and had one of these VW Polo BlueMotion cars you could make enough fuel at home to travel 1950 miles every week.
Viva the revolution people!
Mike C

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