Sunday, October 22, 2006

Make Biodiesel At Home or Go Broke

Make Biodiesel At Home

As the world’s reserve of fossil fuels becomes fast depleted, the need for reliable alternative fuel sources becomes more and more acute. One alternative fuel that is fast gaining recognition is biodiesel fuel. Like everything new and alternative, this fuel source is surrounded by many myths and falsehoods designed to scare people away. Our Ultimate Biodiesel Guide is committed to providing people with the facts. We not only want to encourage alternative fuel use, we also want people to make biodiesel at home.

The cost of fuel is becoming ridiculous. Although it would be easy to simply blame greedy oil company CEOs, the truth is that the rising cost is just as much a consequence of depleted resources and high demand. Additionally governments see fuel tax as an easy way to raise revenue - they know we can't do without it. I spoke to a friend of mine in the UK today - did you know that 80% of the cost of a gallon of gas in the UK is tax? Trust me, this will soon be "normal" everywhere.

Every year the cost of heating homes and driving to work is getting more and more out of hand, creating real financial hardships on the less wealthy of our society. Learning to make biodiesel at home can cut fuel and power costs by up to 90% per year. This means that fuel costs rise no longer, meaning bigger spending, it means bigger savings.

Learning to make your own biodiesel not only saves on the cost of fuel, it also saves on the maintenance of your machinery. Test after test has proven that those machines adapted to run on this fuel run more effectively, have fewer mechanical breakdowns, and last longer than those still running on fossil fuels. When maintenance fees are added to fuel savings, it is amazing how much less you will spend every year on driving a car, heating a home, and powering machinery using homemade biodiesel.

It is sad, but our society is virtually held hostage by rising fuel costs. When to go on vacation, how often to drive a vehicle, and even the temperature of the house are dictated by oil company executives. CEOs in suits should not control your life -- your life should be in your own hands. Homemade biodiesel is the key to freedom and it is the key to taking control over how you live your life and power your technology.

At we want everyone to know the benefits of making their own fuel. This is why we not only provide you with a comprehensive manual, but also continually update our site as new information becomes available. Please visit our resources section for a selection of informative articles, and check back often to learn more.

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